Our Team

David Ebrahimzadeh

David Ebrahimzadeh is the President of Corniche Capital. His company is a leader in the real estate community as well as in private equity activities.


Mr. Ebrahimzadeh grew up in a family with real estate investments. After a brief stint in a real estate finance company, he went into business for himself. He founded his company over 15 years ago. He was able to attract private equity partners and produce large real estate deals within a few years. This early success has led him to become one of the most respected real estate professionals in the area today.

Corniche Capital

Mr. Ebrahimzadeh’s company has made a name for itself both in real estate and in private equity. The minimum deal size sought is $20 million, with a current focus on industrial and multifamily properties.
He is also interested in acquiring distressed debt on properties, believing that quality properties can be turned around by executing on a viable business plan at the right entry point. He is able to invest in these properties at a relatively low cost, producing a great profit when the business returns to normal operations.

Personal Motivations

While Mr. Ebrahimzadeh counts financial success among his motivations, he is not purely driven by the need to make money. He is also excited by the possibilities that he can uncover while making investments, and he always wants to challenge himself to take on bigger projects. His spirit of innovation is what keeps his company successful, and he always takes an active role in negotiations.

Future Opportunities

Mr. Ebrahimzadeh is interested in pursuing more foreign investment deals. Foreign investments move slowly compared to domestic investments, so there is a great deal of patience involved. Foreign investments can also be complicated from a tax perspective, so he deals with qualified professionals.
Understanding how companies can improve the way they do business is a facet of private equity financing. When his firm purchases a stake in a company, they can turn it around and return it to profitability. While many investments involve risk, Mr. Ebrahimzadeh and his company are able to manage risk through smart research and understanding the marketplace.

David Ebrahimzadeh’s Influence

David Ebrahimzadeh has been an influential figure both in real estate and private equity. His deals have made him and his company well-known. His innate understanding of the world of real estate finance has been a major asset to his company.

Taking His Company to the Next Level

Mr. Ebrahimzadeh has a unique ability to invest in projects that bear fruit. While not every investment is a success, there are enough positives to make up for the occasional loss.
He is a business leader because he inspires high performance in his employees. People who work for him know that they are dealing with someone who has intimate knowledge of the industry. He will continue to be an influential figure well into the future.

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